May 13 2008

Hot ..

G’Day…… Arrived in Bhawalpur today after heading 70 kms in the wrong direction…anyway you get that. So arrived in Pakistan 2 days ago and drove around Lahore looking for a place to stay in 45 deg of heat !!!! Sounds good yes !! Then headed south in a sandstorm this time the bike was at 45 degs. Unfortunately no sign of the Golden Arches yet maybe we missed them in the storm.
The heat continues to play havoc with the 3 of us, hoping Quetta is going to be cooler which we should reach in a couple of days time. The road we’re on is very good as it’s the main highway from Lahore to Karachi. People here have been great as they have all along the way. We’re met with looks of bewilderment when people find out where wer’e heading and usually leave a silent crowd behind us at various tea stalls along the way !!!! All a bit worrying really.
I tell you Helen every time I see a train go by I can’t help but look at my watch !!! even more worrying.
Re the burgers ……it certainly isn’t Roo but you never know.
Anyway a long way to go yet certainly a lot more than 4 ” but it’s the first step that counts

Man doesn’t it get to you. We’ve tried and tried to send photos but with no success will try again later. In a place called Bhawalpur at the moment on our way to Quetta which we hope to reach in a couple of days time. Our biggest worry has been the heat…45 deg when we reached Lahore…mid day and not a clue where we were…tension or what. Have decided to take the long southern route to Quetta as we were told not to go through DG Khan as it’s not safe for travel through that region. So took their advice and headed south to go north.

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  1. Jan Pattinson & Sheila Austinon 13 May 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Hi Dawn,
    We are following your progress with interest. We wish you all well for the rest of your journey as we prepare to pack our bags for our trip, leaving this Fri.
    Kindest regards Jan & Sheila.

  2. Nancyon 14 May 2008 at 3:29 am

    Hi Steve and Dawn, progress is hot ay? Sounds like you’ve done the right thing regarding safety – it is not a race, and if you are a few days (or weeks!!!!??) late into Arnside then so be it – no worries as they say! All I’d say is, keep on the right side of your navigator Steve!………and here’s a message for you Dawn, keep him well fed – you know what he’s like when he’s hungry!!! Loves you both and take care. Nancy xxx

  3. Sheila & Janon 14 May 2008 at 5:47 am

    Hi Dawn – enjoying reading your about your travels. How hot is 45C!! Denmark was about 15C to-day! Take care and we will be in touch from ‘Bonnie Scotland’ next week. Sheila & Jan

  4. foresthill mobon 14 May 2008 at 4:10 pm

    its been raining for 3 days straight at the vine yard, woudnt mind some of your heat cobber. keep safe.
    foresthill boys.

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