About Nepal


The Himalaya from the plains of the Terai

     Approximately one third of the length of the Himalayan Range is situated within the borders of this beautiful country. One visit to Nepal will leave you with a lifetime’s impression of stunning scenery and colourful friendly people.

   The country stretches from northeast to southwest for nearly 800kms between the borders of India and Tibet and the width varies from around 90kms to 230kms. The land rises from the low plains of the Terai to some of the highest mountains in the world within such a short distance. Mt Everest or Sagarmatha/Chomolunga as it is known locally sits to the northeast of the capital city of Kathmandu.

   Most people arrive in Nepal via this rapidly expanding city nestled in a valley 1,300 meters above sea level. The Kathmandu Valley has a temperate climate and can get cold at night during October and March. During the summer months temperatures can rise into the mid thirties as the monsoon builds across this part of Asia.

   Nepal has so many diverse groups of people living on the plains and in the mountains. Each group of people follow their own lifestyle and agricultural practices that suit the constraints of their environment. It’s this diversity of people from the Tharus in the south to the Sherpas in the north that adds to the country’s appeal. Men from the famous Gurkha regiments are recruited from the mountainous areas of Nepal.

   Getting around in Nepal can mean trekking for days amongst the highest mountains in the world to catching a bus that will take you across the plains of Terai or to more accessable areas of outstanding beauty. There are over 6,500 known species of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in Nepal and over 800 species of birds. Tigers, leopards, Rhinos and monkeys are among the rich variety of wildlife that have their habitat in the jungles and mountains here.

Men cutting planks of wood by hand

   Listed as one of the poorest countries in the world means that life for the vast majority of people is extremely difficult. The Nepalese are a very proud people and despite the problems they face in daily life the level of friendliness shown to visitors is second to none. A visit to Nepal and it’s beautiful people is not just a holiday it’s an experience and one that you’ll never forget.