What will your donation achieve !

For as little as £5/US $8/AUD$8  a month you can send a child to a govenment school for a year. A government school in Nepal provides students with a basic standard of education.

For £10/US$16/AUD$16 a month a child will attend a school that would give them a higher standard of education for a year. Students can achieve A level/TEE standards at such a school.

For the sum of £150/US$235/AUD235 you can send a farmer on a Farmer’s Teacher Training course which both empowers the farmer and his/her community.

Your donation will go towards-

  • School Sponsorship
  • Sustainable Farming
  • School Building Programme
  • Training Programmes

Every donation helps the community as a whole and will help to bring about a better future for both the children and their families.

You can donate to the Sarimilla Trust either by:


  • Direct Debit
  • Cheque
  • Cash Deposit

Donations can be made to-


Sarimilla Trust,

Royal Bank of Scotland,

6 Market Place,


Cumbria. LA9 4TN

Sort code 16-2223   Account No 10056874


Sarimilla Trust,

Bankwest, Strickland Street,

Denmark, WA 6333

BSB 306-009  Account Number 0135150


Paypal is available for donations or please contact Rajani- see Welcome Page for contact details