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May 22 2008

Turkey – technology and chickpeas

We are finally back in the land of technology, not that we know what to do with it – especially on a Turkish key board.

Our armed escort in Iran ended some 3 days after crossing the border. The reason for the escort was the result of drug runners crossing between Iran and Pakistan. Unfortunately a Japanese tourist fell victim to one of these gangs and is still being held for ransom at this time. For our safety in Iran we were given an armed escort and weren’t allowed to leave our hotel without one. Our journey was made even longer as we had to wait everytime we were handed over to a new patrol. The Iranian people made us feel very welcome everywhere we went. In Pakistan our armed escort was for much the same reason although in Quetta and the journey west from there you can’t be too careful for obvious reasons.

We really enjoyed our time in Iran but were also glad to be in Turkey. Had a minor disaster at the Iranian Turkish border, after only just managing to scrape enough money together for the visas (nobody – not even the banks – want Australian dollars) we went back to the immigration desk only to find Steve’s British passport had expired in January. After hastily removing the visa stickers and putting them into the Aussie passports we were on our way. He really should find himself a better travel agent!!

Had a great start to Turkey stayed in a fantastic place overlooking Mount Ararat and underneath an old Kurdish palace. Unbelievable views and so tranquil, well that was before the karaoke started at 8pm. Sank a few Turkish beers lovely stuff.

We are now on our way to Istanbul and travelling well on these roads. We are over half way and holding up very well. The food has improved, we had chickpea soup for breakfast and chickpeas in tomatoes for lunch and goodness knows what we will have for dinner but the chickpeas look good.

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May 18 2008

Update from the road – Saddle Sore

Well we have reached Esfahan one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, we are staying here for 2 nights to regain our sanity. Steve has been sorely tested by the terrible driving of the Iranians. We are so looking forward to a cold beer in Turkey and I can have my hair back. I have to wear a head scarf and a shawl in 35ºC not very comfortable. We are able to travel without the armed guards now so progress has been faster.
We are not able to access the website yet as most of the internet is blocked here. The photos will be loaded in Turkey in a few days so you can see what we see.
We have been treated very well by the Iranian people, they are very friendly.
Happy birthday to Eleanor for 11 May, to my Mom 70 today and to Niel 4 years on 15th.
Will be in touch as we can

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May 15 2008

Bad roads, the desert and an armed escort in Iran

Our journey took us from Lahore south to Multan as our planned route had to be cancelled due to the security situation in the mountains leading to Quetta. So we took the long hot journey south to come north again to reach Quetta having had an armed escort through Sibi and on to Quetta.
We then headed into Baluchastan and into the desert area. Roads here were abysmal and all 3 of us felt the strain of the heat and the slow progress. Our arrival in Iran went smoothly and after clearing customs we were given an armed escort for the 3 days we have been here. Last night we stayed in Bam which if you remember was totally destroyed in 2003 by an earthquake. The people here made us feel so welcome and still the city is in the stage of being rebuilt. The roads here are fantastic and Tara has enjoyed speeding along at 83 kph. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to download any pics but we’ll hopefully be able to do this in Turkey which we hope to reach in about 5 or 6 days time. Overall the journey has been a fantastic experience although challenging and some times very scary especially through the desert areas of Baluchastan. Our short amount of time we have for this has meant we’ve spent long periods sat on Tara who has been fantastic only a few minor breakdowns but easily fixed.

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May 13 2008

Hot ..

G’Day…… Arrived in Bhawalpur today after heading 70 kms in the wrong direction…anyway you get that. So arrived in Pakistan 2 days ago and drove around Lahore looking for a place to stay in 45 deg of heat !!!! Sounds good yes !! Then headed south in a sandstorm this time the bike was at 45 degs. Unfortunately no sign of the Golden Arches yet maybe we missed them in the storm.
The heat continues to play havoc with the 3 of us, hoping Quetta is going to be cooler which we should reach in a couple of days time. The road we’re on is very good as it’s the main highway from Lahore to Karachi. People here have been great as they have all along the way. We’re met with looks of bewilderment when people find out where wer’e heading and usually leave a silent crowd behind us at various tea stalls along the way !!!! All a bit worrying really.
I tell you Helen every time I see a train go by I can’t help but look at my watch !!! even more worrying.
Re the burgers ……it certainly isn’t Roo but you never know.
Anyway a long way to go yet certainly a lot more than 4 ” but it’s the first step that counts

Man doesn’t it get to you. We’ve tried and tried to send photos but with no success will try again later. In a place called Bhawalpur at the moment on our way to Quetta which we hope to reach in a couple of days time. Our biggest worry has been the heat…45 deg when we reached Lahore…mid day and not a clue where we were…tension or what. Have decided to take the long southern route to Quetta as we were told not to go through DG Khan as it’s not safe for travel through that region. So took their advice and headed south to go north.

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May 07 2008

Heading for the border

The trip has been hard so far due to the heat it’s been full on travelling since leaving Chitwan in Nepal and all 3 of us have been bearing up ok The motel we stayed in lastnight happened to have a motorbike garage next to it and the blokes were all into Enfields so had some adjustments done to Tara. Highway 1 upto Amritsar was great, even had a huge McDonalds along the way. After 8 hrs on a motorbike a bigmac meal really does the trick. It certainly is a lot of concentrating in a day but it’s amazing how you get used to the horns and the crowded roads.
Will be up early tomorrow to head for the border then flat tac onto Multan.

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May 07 2008

into India

Just a quick update.We left Nepal via the border with India via Mahendranagar in the far west. After clearing customs we headed for Naini Tal an old British Hill station to escape the heat which has been with us since we left Kathmandu. We’re in a town called Roorkee in India at the moment after a hard days ride from Naini Tal. Heading for Amritsar before heading over into Pakistan.
Would just like to say a big thankyou to Puspa in KTM for his organising of the press conference before we left, he put in a huge effort for us in such a short space of time.
Keep the comments coming as it’s great to hear from you’s along the way
Catch you later Steve

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May 05 2008

Long way!!

Just in case anyone was wondering how far the expedition is travelling .. its a long way between the red dots of Kathmandu and London …


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Apr 30 2008

Update from the road

Thanks for logging on……this is our last night in Chitwan, Nepal before heading off a.m towards India via Mahendranagar in western Nepal. All has been going well and we’ve manage to get round to see all of the projects in the short time we have been here. The press have been really interested in what we’re up to if your interested check Kathmandu Post Monday’s edition.
Getting use to the rules of the road here a bit like Aussie Rules…any which way to get a goal….sorry to the blokes in the vineyard but get yourselves a real game guys !!!
Ok will keep you informed when we can
Catch you later

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Apr 30 2008

Blessings …

These were taken at press conference in KTM to launch the journey. Geeta Triparthi a longtime friend gave us the blessings for our journey ahead. You can check out details on The mechanics at Himalayan Enfielders have helped us with getting Tara ready for her journey, a great bunch of blokes.
The open road is ahead as we make our way south to Chitwan.





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Apr 30 2008

Mechanics ..

Can’t quite believe we’re scooting around KTM…man it’s busy as. The pics are of the Himalayan Enfielders garage !!! looks more like a grave yard…Gareth would be in his element here. Anyway going back tomorrow as they’ve offered to show me how to fix timing etc and we’re getting a crash bar fitted to Tara…2 days in KTM has helped to make our minds up on that.





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