Aug 04 2008

Home safe & thanks to all

The journey has been an amazing experience and one we’ll both never forget. There are so many people to thank for helping us to make this epic trip from Kathamandu to Kendal in the UK.

I’d like to thank Mr Puspa Nepaune and his wife Samjhana for ensuring we had a great send off from Kathmandu. They organised a press conference for us which took place at their Shangrila Gardens Restuaraunt in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. We were able to inform the press about the reasons why we were undertaking this journey. If you are in Kathmandu please pay them a visit and enjoy a meal in fantastic surroundings overlooking the city.

The press both in Nepal and UK were a huge help to us. Thankyou to the Kathmandu Post and the Westmorland Gazette in the UK who both wrote some great articles regarding the Sarimilla Trust and the trip.

Our coordinator in the UK was Mr Luckshan Abeysuriya who organised a number of talks and presentations on our arrival there. As a result of this we were able to raise much needed funds for our Trust. A huge thanks goes to Luckshan who put in a great deal of time and effort in his spare time and without him it would have been impossible to organise all the events in the short space of time we had in the UK.

Thankyou also to the Lady Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Kendal for the great reception they gave us on our arrival in the UK.

As always we’d like to say thanks to our sponsors and donors becuase with you none of what we’ve been able to achieve in Nepal would have happened. Everyone who has helped us along the way is part of the Sarimilla Trust. I wonder what Sarimilla would think of all this if she knew so many people are willing to help young kids like her find a way out of the poverty trap.

All along our way as we rode Tara from Nepal to the UK people wanted to help.To all those people, and there were many, we both want to say thankyou for helping this journey be a memorable one. We hope you enjoy the following passages and last but not least thanks to Simon for putting all this together for us good on ya mate.

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